Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Death Story of Us and the Life Story of Death

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The brevity of life rarely shakes us
We got used to seeing other people dying
Till death strikes the people in our lives
Reminding us that death is the horror king

Since the tragic fall of Adam's race
Until now, no one, but two, has escaped
The mighty, the noble, the wise, the rich
We all are doomed in rat-baiting cage!

No weapon, fortress, medicine, or doctor 
Can kill this killer, can cure this cancer
But we trivialize it like a tv commercial
We live as though tomorrow is forever

Will you dance naked in a stormy snow?
Is it right to feast while on a death row?
But that's how we are in this fading ghetto
We die more than we live at all

We consume momentary pleasures 
While death consumes our flesh and soul
Ignoring the scythe, but will we be spared?
Dismissing God's wrath against our sin won't dismiss death

And death's not just the separation of spirit and flesh
But also eternal separation from God's presence
Our soul is eternal and will suffer hell-fire
Where there's gnashing of teeth, where worms don't die

Such is our fate when we're left on our own
Foolishly rushing towards self-destruction
Pitiable and frail creatures, what comfort have we?
How shall we be freed from this misery?

The Hope of nations took a quantum leap for this
Proclaiming Himself as the Fountain of life
He came to give life to those who took His
He died and by His death, death itself would die

He conquered death and ascended into heaven
Freeing man from death's terror, rescuing them from its sting
Turning death into a sweet sleep, making death a gain
For those who, by faith, surrender their lives to Him

When the Son returns He will finally put death to death
And those who are in Him will be raised from the grave
Clothed with never-dying bodies, the sons of God shall no longer mourn
For though death reigned through Adam, through Christ life abounds more